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  • Leah Yard

My first (and favourite) guest: Kyle Kary

My incredible, supportive, kind, sweet, lovely, cute, handsome, patient, partner: Kyle @unimpressedscreenprinting chatted with me about building a business, what it’s like to run a print shop, and the BIGGEST MYTH about becoming an entrepreneur.

This episode is special for so many reasons, and I’m going to apologize in advance for all my giggling during the recording. (After 13 years together I still can’t control myself around this guy☺️).


Things we're covering in this episode:

1. Getting started in business

2. Imposter Syndrome: does it ever really go away?

3. The BIGGEST myth about entrepreneurship


Tune in to my chat with Kyle Kary, owner of Unimpressed Screen Printing here:

Unimpressed Screen Printing:


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